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I manage to capture his full sleep demonstration of the ‘chopping board’. This fellow is really a pig. He sleeps like a human being (lying on his back) and twitches non-stop in his sleep.


Ok..I need to clean his cage.


I am proud of my ingenuity. Why? I used a butter tray as a “cooling” station for Yam. I saw the pet shop selling these little metal panels and tiles as cooling platform for hamsters. The packaging has pictures of hams lying on it which looks like they are lying on a metallic piece of chopping board. I guess this make-shift tray is much nicer looking than those chopping boards out there.

Caught him demonstrating the use of it half-heartedly..

From what I’ve observed so far, he’s really good at sleeping..really good. I can’t wake him easily and once he’s roused he fell back to sleep real quickly. And I always find his butt and top of the back wet, which makes him smell real bad. I guess like any youngsters, he just pees in his sleep coz he’s a real deep sleeper or he’s simply too lazy to move out of his bed to the toilet.

Three things good about him are:

1. He don’t make a mess in the tunnel which was a pain to clean.
2. He gorges on the food like there’s no tomorrow. I always find his bowl empty by 8pm, which is the time to feed him. -.-
3. He pees religiously in his toilet bowl except when he’s sleeping, then of course everything else doesn’t matter.

Currently, in order to let him get used to me and handling, I need to ‘torture’ him for long periods of time. Poor Yammer..


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