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Cute according to hw who made no effort to repeat ‘ooo so cute’…


I found this!! Where is my fairy godmother?? I want a complete attire to go with it!


Squirrel..I suspect it is food..

Dog who barks half-heartedly..

Kampong chickens..ppl keep discussing how good they taste in front of them.. I wonder how I would have felt if I am the kampong chicken inside.

We sung almost everything we could….the selection there was pretty exhaustive.

Professional gamblers..

There are mud..there are shit..then there are mudskippers..and more shit..

awwww…that face….pinch!


Kelong has monstrous fish..and dead monstrous fish..and I was kind of wishing someone would fall inside..muahaha

Sea dwelling pocket kitten..

With luck..i wish my long ago expired films would turn out ok. Pray hard!

Travelling is the best thing that could ever happen to me. And travelling with good company? Even betta!!

With lots of luv,


One more day..

Just how long will it take.
Give me a sign..

and save me.


These are a group of pictures which I digged up from my old picture library. They are from overseas trips and shall be categorised into both photography and travel sections. These are the treasures which I tucked away unnoticed. Hope to dig out more and really really wish I could get a nice camera to continue doing this.

I feel so dead right now…Need to find means to cheer myself up. I need a drifting trip bad..real bad.

Caught up inside? Kinda in a emotional mess right now..

Me shyss…

Sunrise and sunset are the most beautiful times of the day. Unfortunately, I catch most of the sunsets only. This is one of the most stunning and beautiful sunsets I’ve captured..

And before you know it…the next moment really brings out the colours. It can’t just get more beautiful than it already is.

A different way of life..

Like an oil painting..

Waiting for someone to fill up that hole..

Love this girl..always

This fascinates me…

This girl is not me..

That’s all..

With luvs..

These pics were taken in June 2007, at Tioman and a few from Sentosa…Yes they were old…but these are memories worth keeping and sharing!

The wonderful things I love..

Beautiful SunsetLong but yet exciting boat rides

Under the dock where the fishes and Egrets hide
I was awed by how blue and clear the water is!

My fav instructor

Poor lil’ crown fish couldn’t get enough protection from the tentacles..haha
After a long day of diving…too exhausted that I had to sit down and rest..
The always quick and unappetising dinners…or lunch

Our lil’ cozy place of stayLeaving time..Btw..from where I was sitting..I could see flying fishes! Omg…they literally flies!Actually..this was taken on the way to Pulau Tioman, but watever…Back to the place where I worked…Cafe Del MarAnd the beach that it looks out to..

Loved it..
Missing it…

Advanced? When can I get it? mmmm

Can’t wait,


09 June, Arrived in Gz

10 June – Dim Sum and shopping in GZ

11, Shopping, Setting off, Arrived in Kunming

12, Shi Lin, Pu Er tea shop, Arrived in Dali Gucheng (new)

13, Setting off from Dali Gucheng(New), Stopped over at traditional mansion, Arrrived in Lijiang

14- Yu Long Xue Shan , Dong Ba Gu , dinner and Pub

15, Departed from Lijiang, Arrived at Dali (Old), back to Kunming, dinner

16 Shopping, setting off to Guangzhou

17-19, Stop-over at Guangzhou

19 Up Huang Shan

20- Down Huang Shan, Shopping at Lao jie

22- Xi Hu, West Lake, Hangzhou


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