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This is the first post after moving over and that (below) is how the magic happened.


Wonderfully fast and efficient!


Note: As the rest of the posts before this are imported from Blogger, the formatting and picture quality are horrendous. This I can’t really control, so bear with it. If it really bothers me too much I might just delete every single one of them and provide a link to the old ugly blog (maybe I will beautify it someday when I am more educated in CSS & html).


Like what I have expected, the msn and email issues are resolved and the microsoft guys fixed up the back-end for me, really quickly. I was dreading that the email correspondence between me and Microsoft will go on forever. I don’t know what I did to screw up their back-end. ah hem…
Just so glad everything is intact.

I think my fingers are shaking abit when I typed it… In the end, Microsoft didn’t let me down. They got two person to fix the problem. Hooray! And according to what I have expected, qq is really going to be a DREAD. I wanna kill the TX guys. All the support guy did was to give me a freaking official reply asking me to clear my cookies and cache and try again..when it’s their own back-end can’t even stop from producing page errors. Wonderful. I resort to leaving messages everywhere, official site or not. And one place just deleted my comment. Bring on the censorship. Everything’s perfect!

Fortunately, being my usual optimistic self (ah hem..), I shall give them some BOD and wait the official site to reply. However, it will be another story otherwise.

BTW, can microsoft buy TX over? Opps..maybe I shouldn’t say that when I am actually using a Mac. wth

Another BTW, it’s somehow quite ironic when I am solving a problem of hotmail using gmail and writing to Microsoft on a Mac. Hahaha


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