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Day 3

Woke up feeling pretty cold with the fan blowing at me directly, which is something I don’t like at all because I am really AFRAID of being cold. This is very abnormal as Singapore weather is hot and humid, yet I could never sleep with air conditioning throughout the night and still needs a blanket without AC. I tend to get cold hands and feet easily. Then I learnt from my traditional chinese sensei that this is one of the symptoms of lacking in ‘yin’ of the body. Losing this balance of ‘yin’ and ‘yang’, my body’s system and energy is thrown into chaos. Just to name a few symptoms: fell sick often (lower immunity), dull skin colour and lack energy (bad circulation), cold feet and hands, nervousness, agitation, dry skin, water retention, ‘heatiness’ & break-outs (I believe is due to too much ‘yang’).

That aside, when I looked into the mirror on day 3, I realised my skin feels and looks better. I was getting some colour back, dark circles were getting lighter. To be honest, I didn’t follow the sleeping schedule to sleep at 11.30pm, so I knew I would feel even BETTER if I had stuck to it. Usually if I stayed up late, the next day I would feel like crap from all the internal heat and agitation. However, I felt good. My energy was not dipping and no jelly legs!

I carried on the day as per normal and went to my boyfriend’s studio to clear up some work. Unbeknown to me, the real test started. I was surrounded by snacks, and people snacking away. When it was lunchtime, I had to explained to worried friends why I was doing a fast and the importance of doing it. During which I couldn’t help joking about me going on a hunger strike, which didn’t seem that amusing to them. haha..

Later in the afternoon, I survived by distracting myself with reading and running errands, only with occasional longing stares at those ‘snacky’ snacks. I could feel the discomfort from hunger pangs almost constantly, as well as random cravings of food-sinful food-out of nowhere, but those were not too much to deal with. Once again, I can’t emphasize enough on the importance of setting the appropriate state of mind, and reminding yourself constantly of the reasons behind. The only major problem I had so far was that I was catching on a mild cold from the night before.

Came to dinner time, the boyfriend decided to pay IKEA a visit. Bad idea. To my horror, the meat balls and the chicken wings were screaming to me!! In the end I stuck through it, and made use of his guilt to get a free massage. As the cold started to get more serious, I decided to speed up the fast a little bit. I need more nutrients to combat this cold. I then chose watermelon to break fast as it is considered one of the most healthy fruits with high vitamin A & C content, and high anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and alkalinizing properties.

In conclusion, the most amazing thing so far is that even though I haven’t eaten any food in 3 days, my energy still felt alright. The disappointment though was that other than having to battle a mild cold, I didn’t poop the whole day. I hope this is the indication that my digestive track is on track with that diarrhea on the second day to purge all the toxins away.

Day 4

Which is today. Woke up to a beautiful, bright, sunny Thursday. Had a cup of honey water and ate another slice of watermelon. Loved it!

I went to do some grocery shopping and then the most amazing thing happened, I no longer felt soooo cold standing next to the cold food section with the open coolers! I even had a warm sensation radiating outwards from my abdomen to the rest of my body, even the legs! I felt warm! And also I pooped a little!

Now my job is to maintain it and continue breaking fast for the next 3 days. As for today I am cooking myself a traditional chinese tonic soup, which helps to nourish the ‘yin’ and increase energy. (I shall elaborate on the ingredients in my later posts.) Also, I have to avoid snacking on too much watermelon because it is considered a cooling fruit that diminishes the ‘yin’ in the traditional chinese books. Just like ‘yin’ and ‘yang’, it is always about balance.

Well, that’s all the update for now. I can’t wait to get back to better health now!



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