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This is a post which I posted a month ago. Now the plan is coming along….

This is sooo fine and gives me lots of ideas. I have a great plan coming along!

Sounds fun and looks fun!
I seriously do not wish to sleep out in the open and be sexposed to everyone’s eyes again. Unless I fell asleep on the table top or something. That can’t be helped.


Now with some effort and cash….
School is now a more comfortable place for that long night and day ahead. Hope we will enjoy our stay. I already enjoyed one night of testing alone, which is good. Except for the blasting aircon..I hope the school will raise it to save some cost. It’s way too cold, cold like autumn. And please I don’t want to hear shocked responses that I rather sleep in school than at home. Everyone has their own reason and difficulties.



Here we go.

Good night.


Lost n found:

1. Dark Navy blue Striped-sleeve jacket. ( First Pic Left: on the seat of one of the chairs)
If anyone has seen this jacket..ok whoever will read this blog. If u know where it is pls tell me. I beg you. T_T
2. Brown bikini top. (Second pic on myself)
Sorry darlings, I lost half of this set of bikini. Buy me another set? And to the person who stole it: I feel sorry for you, whoever you are, guy or girl, you have sinned. Back in the ancient times, if you get caught stealing, your hands are supposed to be chopped off. Never steal what does not belong to you. Earn it, with your own hands!!! Return me my beautiful bras too!! I suspect it is all YOU!!
3. Cute Cup with dog print and spoon. (First pic on the table)
Ok this baby is not with me yet. I am a bad owner as I have left it in the lurch for too long. I am coming for you soon!
Thanks Shicong for sending me these pics. Painful reminders though. And thanks for having the heart to say that I still look nice when I couldn’t look more sick and exhausted than I was in the second pic. (The lump of tissue is the proof)
When can things stop going missing? I hate this feeling. I treasure everything that I have. Throwing stuff away is the most painful and difficult decision that I have to make during spring cleanings. Yeah. I just get emotionally attached to things easily.

Finally, i had the opportunity to take a peak at the music room. The room is not too big but has almost everything that you need for a good jam. And then…I fell in love with the drum set!! I so want to pursue this passion..and pick up those that I am so rusty in now….

It will be soooo wasted if I dont do something about them…

Move it,



I may get my hands on a good new camera soon! The price in Japan is not necessarily cheaper as my father had found out. The body is slightly cheaper but the biggest issue is the warranty..dont think i would be flying all the way to Japan to fix a problem. Hopefully getting a good deal in sg is not a difficult challenge, may need more expertise in this..mmm…for now, just imagine..the pics are all in excellent quality!

Like this one…

and still hanging there..

He just can’t keep his head still..

Last Friday? oh noo Thurs…

Before the critique, everybody’s exhausted to the max and we decided to hide in the toilet when we saw Fab oncoming.. (there are about 8 girls..or more..I hope he’s not hurt by our move. hahaHA)

and yes..the presentations…I have to say..i was freaking tired to hear anything and register anything inside my head. was sooo boring to stand/sit through the entire 2 hours? Can’t remb exact.

But some people really did a good job..I would say.

Hopefully I can stop the pixel killing pictures asap..

With Love,

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Time and motive unclear

dance of light & polka dots..

4-5 April

2 days of a stressful weekend.. jawnur jawnur eat me whole..

The other victims..

Attention seekers..

13-14 April

Living with oils..
Yao: (turning to her right) ‘Omg! I am sleeping with a skeleton!’

This is the bed but actually is the full-time model stand

old model with muscular

15 April

home at last..where Jammer is waiting in sweet slumber with all fours up in the sky..(couldn’t be captured on cam)

and the cat…which is not taken on the same day…

At the end of two days..only ‘slept’ for 4 hours..

Lookin’ for a good day of muggin tmr,


They are just not NEAR!!

Chui look

When u experienced prolonged exhaustion and lack of sleep up to a certain point, this is wat u get…

I want some time to stop and smell the flowers..grass…. or cement….watever it is!!


p.s.: Happy birthday Penguin and happy new year and merry christmas…

and maybe..

Happy Chinese New Year too!


Frustration reigns…
to the point that me and joce had to scream it off..
we literally screamed in NTU, hope no passer-bys were alarmed..



We are all wannabes, but in a good way.

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