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My friend. This is some long over due work.


I am going to rework this.

Birthday cake



He seems happy. Our family don’t really care much about birthday celebrations or presents unfortunately. The most we do is to buy a cake. I still remember I have to buy my own 21st birthday cake and wait for my mother to come home at around 12. And sure enough, my father forgot about it. To be honest, I totally forgot about this event while busying with work. 

I don’t see my father often so I don’t really bond with him much. I used to play with him so much when I was a child but now I am not used to his presence after so many years of absence. I feel sorry for my mother sometimes, as my father is hardly by her side. But with a childish heart, he proved to be quite sweet and nice to her despite the distance. It is irritating to hear them shouting to each other during msn conference coz there’s always something wrong with the sound. Technology can be both a blessing and a nuisance. Or maybe I am just jealous. 

50, quite a big number. It’s like suddenly they are growing old and there’s a growing urgency to find some of that lost time back. I like how this guy did find something back.

What will I be like when I am 50? Where will I be? When will I have the time?

Diminishing complication
Recently I have done obsessive amount of digital manipulation to my photographs, not necessarily or pertaining to pictures of myself only. Ok, I would never consider myself narcissistic or a master of digital manipulation. I would say self portraits are a good way to experiment and explore. And you can always TRY to get it right later by reshooting the same thing easily. Also I am not a big fan of digital manipulated photos as I would like to keep the ‘integrity’ of the scene as it is. However, I was pretty inspired by tonnes of beautifully manipulated pictures out there so I would like to give it a try too.

I guess I am obsessed with complexity currently, as you can see from the layering of ‘stuff’ in a pretty straight forward and bland portrait. This picture was taken long ago and I just used it for manipulation purpose. The background or the layered pictures are actually pictures I took as a bnw series done on ‘nature’. It is a theme that I enjoyed doing and fits my notion of being ‘complex’. I admit I am not 100% satisfied with what I have as I still feel it’s not complex enough? I think I have a problem here. I may manipulate it further and post it up. MMM….

I hate the way how things looks now. It sucks. The photos all sucks..nothing looks good enough. I can’t get them to look the way I wanted. Frustrating! Not sharp enough, not enough contrast..not balanced colours.. arghhh. I suck

And another thing? I absolutely loves wordpress. Sorry blogger. I really feel like ending my blog with you after testing my luck with wordpress which impressed me in so many ways, and is STILL impressing. usual..

A romantic, trapped in the shackles of a realist..waiting to break free.

These are a group of pictures which I digged up from my old picture library. They are from overseas trips and shall be categorised into both photography and travel sections. These are the treasures which I tucked away unnoticed. Hope to dig out more and really really wish I could get a nice camera to continue doing this.

I feel so dead right now…Need to find means to cheer myself up. I need a drifting trip bad..real bad.

Caught up inside? Kinda in a emotional mess right now..

Me shyss…

Sunrise and sunset are the most beautiful times of the day. Unfortunately, I catch most of the sunsets only. This is one of the most stunning and beautiful sunsets I’ve captured..

And before you know it…the next moment really brings out the colours. It can’t just get more beautiful than it already is.

A different way of life..

Like an oil painting..

Waiting for someone to fill up that hole..

Love this girl..always

This fascinates me…

This girl is not me..

That’s all..

With luvs..

Such a warm and comfortable feeling looking at these pics. Really love the way their life is..warm, beautiful and happily together.

We are all wannabes, but in a good way.

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