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Hai…sometimes when you are in bad luck, it goes all the way down to the bottom and comes and goes like tides or maybe tsunamis. To think about it..this year really isn’t a good year for me.

Like how I lost so many things in one go, like how memories are just wiped out in a blink of an eye, like how a dying relationship went completely dead, like how friends came and went, like how disappointment come so easily, like how fragile an ego can be, like how precious time has become.

Now I have something else to add to this bad year. I am on the verge of losing my qq, msn and email. Msn and email should be easy to get back but qq is totally another story. TX can never compare to microsoft in their customer service. Without hotmail I can still use gmail, without msn I can simply stop chatting, without qq I can..try not to think about it. But they are significant beyond just a bunch of applications. Besides their sentimental values, I have so much information inside that’s too precious to be lost. Like strings tied to a kite, I do not want to cut those last strings to that kite. (Yes, I am trying to sound profound. )

BUT, I remain hopeful. This year is not over, maybe it’s unfair to conclude that its a bad year after all. I hope good things will come my way soon. And there are plenty of good souls out there.

Psst..sometimes I wish I am a hacker. Oh no…


Happy National Day to China. 中国60大庆咯!



These are some pictures to remind myself…to refrain from being too lazy when I am free and cook more often.

With Luv,


I felt anguished, disappointed, guilty, detached, frustrated, angry, helpless, hopeless, exhausted & lonely all in one day.

I cried and laughed all in one day. Sometimes it is hard not to feel like a robot, going through the motion of day to day life involuntarily. And then at the very end of it is death and eternal bliss. However, the only resurrection of the day is that I exercised self control. I have been very good at that recently. I guess eventually it will lead to less pain, as lessons have taught me before.
We are all learning as we go along. The only thing I need to learn right now, is to focus more on myself and the current tasks at hand. It’s time to change things and get out of this state of emotional unrest.
Let me find my redemption, soon.
P.S.: Thanks to my friends who had shown me concern and support. I do appreciate everything and anything. 🙂
With love,


Beautiful images from flickr. I cant remb where they are from.

Do you miss me?



This song made me cry so hard.

“Before you judge me, try hard to love me.”


We are all wannabes, but in a good way.

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