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Such a shame that you have to go. But I know you have gone to a better place.

I miss you, Jam.

With luv,


DAY 1 Sunday

Sick..very sick. Jammer’s found lying in his own pee. The first thing that came across my mind is wet-tail. His paws and feet were cold. His coat was scuffy, with ears down, and one of the eyes was closed with pus. He looked on the verge of death as I could see his heart beat so fast. The best I can do is to transfer him out of his cage and place him in a new cardboard box with fresh bedding, tissue, water and food. As he cannot take hard food, I cooked some hard-boiled egg. Though the little one is sick, he is still appreciative. A restless night followed with constant monitoring..but I fell asleep eventually.

DAY 2 Monday

Prepared some scrambled egg for him and he likes it, but he took only a tiny portion of the entire bowl. I was worried about his water intake as he refuse to drink from his water dispenser. He slept and slept and sometimes I think he won’t make it as he slept in all sorts of contorted positions. One interesting thing I found is that he was always found with his head resting on the rim of the food bowl. Later at night I ran to the stores and bought him a syringe. He is not happy about this part and after all that effort blobs of water droplets just accumulated outside his mouth. I think maybe out of these blobs he only tried drinking 10% of it.

Day 3 Tuesday

Bought 2 sprays for cage cleaning and antiseptic respectively as I suspect the culprit for his illness is bacteria infection. A lot of work to do now! As for Jammer: more resting, and plan B for food. Cooked him porridge. And he seems to like it and tucked his head in right away. Finally I found a good way to hydrate him. Now all I could do is to make him comfortable and wait for him to recover.

Day 4 Wednesday

Jammer woke me up today. His constant scratching is even better than alarm clock as his box is on my bedside table. He’s much lively today and yes, he shrank in size. Where is that fat carpet-look-a-like Jammer? I am gonna beef him up when he’s fully recovered. And with all that scratching he’s destroying his temporary nursing room, so I better clean up and restore his cage asap.


1.08am. Hooray! Cage cleaning done. Took me 3 hours!…. Scrubbed down everything and disinfected everything. I think all the action is going to make me into a clean freak when it comes to Jammer hygience. And boy..he was happy and excited and went right to the second floor and lodged himself onto the top of the cage, completely ignoring the 2 floors drop. I think he’s amazing. It puzzles me how quick his attitude changed when I moved him from the temporary cage to his own cleaned cage. At the temp place he’s always resting more than moving around but once in the cleaned cage he’s back to his old self. I wonder why..but at least for now I dont have to worry about him suddenly die on me anymore.


Dear Jammer,

I am writting this to you in the hopes that you will get better soon to your old happy and active self. I miss the lively and happy you. I miss your late-night-food-crunching and running-on-wheel noises.
You mean a lot to me. You are the first thing and the last thing i see every night. And I think about you even when I am overseas. This part sounds wrong, but it’s true! I really can’t bear to see you dying. I felt so bad when I found out that you were sick and I had to leave for that convention. And I got so scared that you would die when I found you lying on your side. It reminded me hauntinly of my two rabbits who died a tragic death due to illness. This time, I wish I could prevent history from repeating itself.
Right now you are so weak and I really hope a miracle can happen. Please get back up again..I beg you. And please please drink more water. If you need to sleep that much to recover, I will wait patiently..
Get well soon!
With lots of love,

Jammer enjoys a good pet.

And he is a good pet that has a wonderful owner who enjoys to pet him.

Lucky boy, ain’t him?

Below this line is a turn for the worse in my swinging mood
Stupid blogger is absolutely behaving like an ass….AGAIN!
my faithful trust in u is draining away…very quickly..

If someone important is searching for that keyword which shows up this part (which differs hugely from my NORMAL temperament, coughs..)

please…do something!

Once or twice is still ok, but now it’s beginning to look like a period that comes every month, for the ladies…

ok…finish. but still, very frustrating!



Posted on: June 26, 2009

This morning, I attempt to save this sick mother mentioned sth like it needs to be hanged to grow. So…here it goes.

Not balanced..but whatever..

And then..seeing my poor balancing acts, she got interested and took the situation into her own hands.

Ok, at least now it’s balanced..

Then I brought Jammer for a walk..He has already received some leftover food and toiletries from two fellows who unfortunately passed away. It’s inevitable..but it still saddens me to know that in the near future…..hai…

‘Can I bribe you?’ – Kat

‘NO!! You think $10 can bribe me???!! You nuts?’ – Jam
‘Run ahhh!’ – Jam

‘Ok..let’s rest.’ – Jam

Today is Friday…

another time another day..

I want to bake something and have a cup of tea.



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