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Absolutely, yes. I do.

We finally head down to Ma Maison again. And the squid ink spag is AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!! hahaha. Too bad I can’t have free flow of it.

And somehow you guys can really take my blues away. I love your teasings, blurness, laughters, huhs, icecream (according to hw in exact words)! And I won’t go down as huh-huhs. Why should I have two huhs when you guys are more buang than me??! hmph

And darling sorry my camera ran out of batt. I should’ve taken a pic of you and the presents. Hope you like both of them. LOL. -.-”

From Left to Right, The current NO.1 blur queen, The ex/not-so-blur-today blur queen and the erm…always blur queen going yoyoyo.

There are a few stupid pics in between. My face was left out in the foreground when I took them …I knew it, tsk tsk! died. End of story.

Love to laugh and share with you all. And we have to have a grad trip together! Enough said. Thanks to my babies for making my day. And don’t say I look like Auntie ah hl, coz there’s no use. MuahahahA.

With lots of love,


One more day..

Just how long will it take.
Give me a sign..

and save me.


Today went to Changi airport to see cc….I seldom go all the way down there to pick up someone. But this time i really wanted to see her and since she’s doing a transit of a few makes wat little time we have together much MUCH more precious! and being all emotional..i can’t help but cried….I cried sooo much these few days come to think of it…and then she showed little hand-made cards from close friends and cried too..hahaaa…

I am glad…and i do miss her alot….there were ups and downs and even if we hardly contact or talk the friendship always remains dear…and I have already decided on planning my next trip to Sydney, yeahh~ can see my darling/(s) there.. hahaa..

Haiss…if u see this baby I have soo much to tell u..and so little time.. will find a chance to skype u! Next week definitely busy busy…

And to hw and hl, if you guys sees this…do know that i miss you darlings even though i have been mia-ing and disappearing constantly…hw’s not that i dont care k, i just needed some time to sort out myself. I will try to appreciate my friends more and if i am neglecting you babies i am really sorry… Love you guys and let’s meet up soon!

Transitting from thoughts to thoughts,


My girls!!

food first

Darling wen..
Love the card..I am the one in tie in the photos. I have no idea why I nvr smile and ish so man, oh..

With the birthday girl hl half smiling

random shots in sch, we are the mugger wannabes
Penguin and paparazi?

That’s all folks..

back to muggin’


I am getting that same feeling again years ago. I dont know how true it is but I sure am doubtful about it. I thought I knew you but always cant get you.

I am not as brave as I appeared to be as I am afraid that all will be lost when it is too late. Afraid of not seizing the chance when it is still fresh and regret about it later.

Then I came to realise that time passed
We all had our new found lives
We kept ourselves busy, occupied
With new people, new things, new activities
We never look back..
except when late at night and there’s no sleep..
and even then I will never know what’s on your mind..

Like strangers without intentions.
Passing by and away
We simply move on..
Awaiting a new bounty of chances and stories.

I cry, I laugh is all because of you
but you will never know

P.S.: Hey darling, if you see this, know that I am with you…

With Luv,


The days when we had so much fun together..stayin’ back late in school and gettin’ into trouble (we got the VP to chase after us once, haha), exploring haunted places, gossiping over everythin'(think mostly about boys ^^), strugglin’ together with CCAs and schoolwork..muggin’ for the Os…Actually there are a few even earlier pics…However, by their horrendous nature, I refrained myself from showing..hahaa..

Birthday celebrations…we have the habit of collectively celebrating and hw together as their bdays are and hl together since we could never celebrate on those dates due to clashes with exams. But in the end no one is left out and we all get to have a get-together! I still remb the “lovely” present i got from these girls after my O level chem paper. Lucky no one really took notice of the pair of lingerie left out in the open.

CC in Australia! Going to Australia means less chance in getting tog as a whole group, with cc around, so we will always try to take the opportunity to meet up while she is in SG. Be it ktv..movies..or a Fabulous high-tea session. You are missed dear..




Half a year ago..a turning point..for the better and the worse. Found this, in my old com, which has been missin’ for quite some time. Thanks cc for asking about this picture, which just made it even more wonderful to find it back! Lovess

In the mean time..frustration reigns…I hate the feeling of having to constantly worry about my phone..customers…ppl. It drains the mental energy out of me. It is frustrating when you are too occupied with other things to have time to magically arrive at some great inspirations..And currently 3 concurrent design projects at their creative-blooming stage are seriously jeopardised. and I have other commitments to take care of outside of school, and I definitely do not wish to disappoint my friends..and myself..

I sincerely hope that history will not repeat itself..

and I need to find the way..

Your helplessly frustrated..



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