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Actually I spent a long time to decide on his name..with me being so indecisive and persistent on following the _ammer tradition. However, I decide to break away and just settle on Pika, or yellow, for simplicity sake. And he looks different anyway from the rest of the hams. My mother was rather disappointed that I got a different one and commented that he looks more like a rat. What’s wrong with looking like a rat when you are a rat? Mmm..

For some reason, he’s not camera shy as he stops mid-action when I point the camera at him, which is probably due to the sound the camera makes when I am shooting. Good boy!


During dinner, this little fellow fell asleep in his strawberry box.



Looking like a rabbit here..


And good boys are well-groomed..

Last but not least, square cut or pear shaped, these hams don’t loose their shape.

Pika is loved and he is loves.

We are all wannabes, but in a good way.

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