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Time and motive unclear

dance of light & polka dots..

4-5 April

2 days of a stressful weekend.. jawnur jawnur eat me whole..

The other victims..

Attention seekers..

13-14 April

Living with oils..
Yao: (turning to her right) ‘Omg! I am sleeping with a skeleton!’

This is the bed but actually is the full-time model stand

old model with muscular

15 April

home at last..where Jammer is waiting in sweet slumber with all fours up in the sky..(couldn’t be captured on cam)

and the cat…which is not taken on the same day…

At the end of two days..only ‘slept’ for 4 hours..

Lookin’ for a good day of muggin tmr,


My girls!!

food first

Darling wen..
Love the card..I am the one in tie in the photos. I have no idea why I nvr smile and ish so man, oh..

With the birthday girl hl half smiling

random shots in sch, we are the mugger wannabes
Penguin and paparazi?

That’s all folks..

back to muggin’


Sometimes…it’s hard!

WHY am I torturing myself?
maybe I need to find a “muse” too?

To the first overnight stay of this semester…

Ha..and Back to work..

With sadness..


Kid’s Biennale

For kids……….

Where is your PROCESS??!!

Starving Artist abin, pls donate generously..

and Buang Penguin(2nd from the right above)

Maggots, 2004
Pham Ngoc Duong

These are giant maggots the size of adolescents wriggling their way up into City Hall’s former well-appointed restaurant. It is a piece more cynical than it’s playful. These maggots are mutated into giant monsters, like viewing under a microscope. Their presence signifies the rotting of their host’s body, leading to the theme of corruption.

Despite all its negative connotations I find this piece really cute and somehow “interactive”. The maggots look pretty blur and innocent, and we got to rearrange a few too. Nice opening to the rest of the exhibit.

Troppicana, 2008
E Chen

Vespa?! Everything is made using wollen yarn, which is soft, flexible and expandable. In contrast to the original qualities of the material presented, the installation projects the fact that art is not immortal, and nothing is permanent. One interesting aspect is that the ends of the yarn are hooked up to a motor in the ceiling which slowly raises the sculpture, slowing revealing it. But at the end the whole sculpture will disappear, proving its point in a conclusive and poignant manner. The best about this artwork is the knitting are really nice even though the objects are complicated!

Evolutional Mythology, 2007
Han Jong- Gun

It’s hard to comprehend but this artist has actually hand “crafted” these gourds everyday to make them resemble the human faces as we see it. He took a year to carefully plant, nurture and shape them, which became some kind of organic sculpture. The faces are haunting and I kind of get this feeling that they are dead foetus being kept in cylindrical preservation containers.

El naufragio de los hombres (The Wreck of Men), 2008
Charly Nijensohn

This is a video work that was filmed earlier in the salt desert of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, a vast landscape 13,000 feet above sea level and thought to contain 10 billion tonnes of salt. It was the rainy season and the salt desert were filled with water, like a flat mirror.

His images and video captured are not digitally manipulated but true “takes”. He will go to far reaching places and work with the local community to realise such projects. Here the sky meets the reflection without noticeable separation.

“Exposed to the erosion of time, they vanish into the emptiness. In silence and isolation, they are testimony of an existence which, in disappearing, becomes a declaration of principles.”

The people he worked with in these images belonged to the Aymara community of the village of Colchani. Sometimes no one, just the scenery, is the shown while other times a few or just one person are standing there, unmoving. The images and the scenes are really sublime and intriguing, which reminds me of nirvana or maybe the idealised heaven..

Families Ask Why and We are All Americans, 2006
Farhad Moshiri

“You are the fearless rose that grows amist the freezing wind.”

“We ARE ALL Americans.”

His works have combined Iranian popular culture with traditional styles. Through digital manipulation, these images of daily products are given a new critical meaning.

I find them really sacarstic and even more critical when infused with daily objects.

The Yellow Mountain, 2004
Su-Mei Tse

This is sth which looks like sunrise but is not.Her objective is to disrupt the anticipation of audience. We see egg yolk right from the beginning.

Abin: “The masking is buang lei..” very funny…

Bachelor- The Dual Body, 2003
Ki-Bong Rhee

This special copy of Lugwig Wittgenstein’s only book-length work, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicous (1921), is thrown into the closed aquarium. It dances playfully in the water due to the currents.

This installation caught me by surprise as it was such an ethereal image that I thought it was not actually there, as in present as an actual object. The blue light washes over the viewer as if one is pulled into it, immersed with the book…thoughts flowing with the book.

Xteriors I, II, IV, VIII, 2001-2007
Desiree Dolron
Kodah endura prints

These are not paintings! It’s a series of photographic portraits of anonymous models. It gives the impression of oil painting, with quality that is reminiscent of works of Vermeer. I really love the composition and the quality of light.

Wall of Paint

This is the wall of paint which is really impressive. The artist sure used quite a lot of it, and it reminds me of the wall of paint in Lucian Freud’s home.

Btw..his paintings are sold in the millions and he is still alive!

Blackfield, 2008
Zadok Ben-David

This piece comprises of 10,000 plant patterns etched out on metal. These “plants” are “planted” on the large field of sand. Viewing from the back of the installation, the cut-out plants are all painted black.

The front are all painted in a myriad of colours which became a stark contrast with its back.

The details of each of the cut-outs are very intricate and one can spend quite a amount of time admiring them. I rather like the scale of the whole installation and the contrast between the colours and the black, which also reminds me of the relationship between death and the living. The former dark, sinister while the latter vibrant, and cheerful. It is the duality of nature.

I’m Not Expensive, 2008
Lee Yong Deok

This piece is pretty interesting as it’s 3-dimensionally reproduced on the wall by creating negative spaces. When one moves the figures and objects seems to move in space.

Singapore, 2008
Wit Pimkanchanapong

This is a huge google map of Singapore which was spread out in one of the court rooms. Stickers were provided so one can find landmarks to tag and make notes with. We found adm and lots of funny stickers on it and I also managed to find my place..after a teadious find. At the entrance to the map somebody left a whole line of sticker saying:” ERP ERP ERP..” very creative.

Teratoma II: War of the Worlds, 2008
Leeroy New

The idea was drawn from the sci-fi novel War of the Worlds, 1898 which talked about utopias and aliens arriving on earth. Using the idea of “blobject” (coined by Karim Rashid), he created the so-called “structural discomfort” to this classical building. It gives a sense of foreign invasion and almagamation of certain alien qualities with the original structure in the present context.

I wonder how he constructed it..the materials, the techniques used etc.

Last but not least..
Dessert Time

When it’s after 9, it’s gotta be Cafe Cartel..
2 Guys 1 Cup, and 1 Cake

Nothing provoking..
and the cake is delicious..haha


I admit…I am having compulsive disorder…to delay my sleep..
and hence the ELEPHANTINE pimple on my face which refuse to go AWAY!!!

OK…..y am I still up now??!

Someone pls thrash me with a bat…


I hate myself….


I look in a friend whom I can trust , confide in and have fun with. But in some cases i dont get that postitive feedback. Sometimes I just hope to get a tad back in return to feel appreciated and cared for.

Life can already be so superficial. We need more.

Disappointed and sorry to have disappointed…i just want things to start right, nothing personal, and I definitely know what I am doing and where things are going. I’ve made enough mistakes to know that.

and I won’t want to please anybody, anymore.




May came (well..mid may)..the hol’s here. sths should’ve been updated well before but I wasnt bothered or couldn’t be bothered..

This mth was quite different..for some reason I felt I am at least a lil’ bit reconnected with my old self again, the one from the past..Also found someone whom i strangely grew a liking to..don’t know why but I am gravitated towards her. I never realised that i can find a friend in her so suddenly when she’s around all the time. I really appreciate her presence during that last few weeks of was fun man..hahaa..(btw, we are just friends and there are times when one needs to show appreciation for her friends..)

Puffaw fishie’ look

However..for the entire mth..things have pretty much gone downhill..personal lack of motivation in doing the things that I have long planned to do had brought on an inexcusable sense of was also hauntingly familiar..the noble plan of watching the many movies and films stacked up in my room has gotten stuck somewhere..but i did manage to catch some great ones by Miyazaki Hayao, thanks to Jerome. There’s still my half finished Cinema Paradiso…Alot of HD movies are up and comin’ recently..esp this one called Under the Same Moon.. i guess i can never catch up.

The worst of May came with the earthquake on 12 May at 228pm in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province..the magnitude and scale of the quake was shockingly devastating…i didnt realise the seriousness of it until the death toll became unbearable to believe. It is still increasing…

With that..this mth has became so much more dreadful..for those who cares, please donate kindly and give some love to this place and the people who loves or loved it.

When all is gone..there is still hope..and most importantly..Love


We are all wannabes, but in a good way.

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