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The Cove

“The dolphin’s smile is nature’s greatest deception, that creates the illusion that they are always happy.”

Capitalism: A Love Story

Capitalism gone too far? This is one of those documentaries that should be watched.

“Where did all our money go?”
“…….I don’t know.”

Go check out more here.


An inside look at the infamous $27 billion Amazon Chernobyl case, CRUDE is a real-life high stakes legal drama set against a backdrop of the environmental movement, global politics, celebrity activism, human rights advocacy, the media, multinational corporate power, and rapidly-disappearing indigenous cultures.

Food Inc.

The truth behind what you eat.


How far would you travel to heal the one you love?


Moon river, wider than a mile.

I’m crossing you in style some day.
Oh dream maker, you heart breaker,
Wherever you are going, I’m going your way.
Two drifters, off to see the world,
There’re such alot of world to see.
We’re after the same rainbow’s end,
Waiting round the bend.
My huckleberry friend,
Moon river and me.

These are the 3 movies which I absolutely cannot miss!!!

Yeah…can’t wait..


Cried profusely again in front of the computer….then realised i looked shitty. haha

It’s just so so so touchin’..the promises do not just apply to dogs..and both the girl and the dog look so beautiful and kawaii~! Not to forget the whole set…which reminds me of how a miyazaki set would look like in real-life and how pretty things which are likely from muji looked..

Yes! Everythin’s so perfecto! and I have always wanted a golden boy~!

For further explorations, there is another similar film..


クイール/ Quill (2004)

Last but not least, another very very very touching film..which made me cry like nobody’s business that is:

子ぎつねヘレン/ Helen the Baby Fox (2006)

You will know what i mean if u watch them…crying is normal again..

With luv and profoundly touched…


Will you wait like her?


Daydream delusion, limousine eyelash
Oh baby with your pretty face
Drop a tear in my wineglass
Look at those big eyes
See what you mean to me
Sweet-cakes and milkshakes
I’m a delusion angel
I’m a fantasy parade
I want you to know what I think
Don’t want you to guess anymore
You have no idea where I came from
We have no idea where we’re going
Lodged in life
Like branches in a river
Flowing downstream
Caught in the current
I carry you
You’ll carry me
That’s how it could be
Don’t you know me?
Don’t you know me by now?

“Why do we have to make things so complicated?”

Sometimes even when two people meet at the right place and at the right time, they are not meant to be together..

Such beauty lies in the nature of transitory.

I am thinking of brown paper packages tied up with strings…
My poor lil ipod and squid ink spag will be in it..

Til we meet again..



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