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Vegan diet: Day 8

Water fast: Day 5

Day 1 & 2      Day 3 & 4


Day 5

I’ve came to understand the importance of blocking out time for ‘abnormal’ activities such as a fast, because you stand out like a sore thumb, especially during mealtimes. Eating big meals and drinking a beer or two seems like the social standards expected out of a gathering (I loved that lifestyle). Okay, maybe beers are not really necessary.

The surprise I get from people when I tell them ‘I am not eating because I am on a fast’ could be due to that the idea of fasting on a regular basis for non-religious or weight loss reasons is not that popular in Singapore. So my advice is: during the process of fasting try your best to stay out of meetings/ gatherings so you can focus on what’s most important at hand, without having to put yourself through difficult situations to prove or justify yourself. Sometime all it matters is the result, which would eventually influence and change the mindset of others around you. It’s all about standing your ground, and being consistent. One must lead by example. 

Back to my progress, I have been adapting well to the hunger pangs and yet I know my body is ready to take in more solid food.  So towards the end of the day, I added some biscuit to my honey water and tonic soup routine. The biscuits were from Ikea and were a tad too sweet and creamy for my liking. The taste of fat and sugar puts me off quite a bit. I guess my taste buds probably needs more time to adjust.

Hence, my second piece of advice is: ONLY eat digestive biscuits as the transitional solid food if you prefer biscuits, of course you can eat other things such as fruits and vegetables, as long as they are not too hard or difficult to digest.

Day 6

I must confess, I broke my vegan diet today (day 9) in total oblivion. I have forgotten completely about my concurrently running fasting  and vegan diet. I was too caught up with the sense of achievement from completing the first part of the fast that I got carried away. However I must say I didn’t break it because I gave in to temptations, and I ate only a few pieces of chicken to ease into a more varied diet ( or at least that’s what I thought I was doing).

Lastly, I decided that day 6 shall be the official ending of this honey water fast, just one day ahead of time. I felt much better and didn’t notice a major dip in energy level. I shall post another overview later on in my blog to conclude this exercise and maybe compare it with my previous detox experience called Dr. Oz’s 36 hours detox programme.

Shall update again,

With Love,


This is a very personal documentation of my diet change and also serves as reminder to self to keep going at it. I am well aware of extremities in diet and life and whatever I have chosen to do is to get back my health, not to reduce weight. As I am still exploring I am gonna do first and then see how it goes, like a little guinea pig.


Water Fast: Day 2

Non-meat diet: Day 3


I have been wanting to do a water fast a few months back after my NLP coach recommended the benefits to me strongly. I have also spoken personally to people who gave rave reviews about good fasting and dieting, and am amazed at how their journey have led them to where they are now – healthy, radiant and most importantly, happy.

For most part of my early adulthood, I have been abusing my youth. I took on graveyard shifts at work and ate irregularly. Did with little or no exercise. The thing is, I am 163cm and 44kg, which is pretty thin. I can’t seem to put on weight no matter how much I eat. People think it’s great and some would probably be unhappy that I am unhappy about being slim. To be honest, I never felt quite happy when I meet people and they go “Hey you look slimmer than before, did you eat enough?” I would rather someone compliment me this way: “Hey you look much healthier than before, look at that glow!” (I wish..) Don’t get me wrong, being slim is good, but I think being healthy is much more important than just being slim at all costs.

I know the root of all my evil is the lack of a good, healthy routine. I need a diet plan and a strict regime. Most importantly, I need to exercise control and discipline, which I admit, are faculties that I am really not good at. I am also aware of the symptoms and warning signs my body is giving me. I can’t and shouldn’t neglect them any more.

Since the weather in Singapore is not helping, I have breakouts constantly. They usually congregates under my chin, my lower forehead and sometimes on my cheeks. And to make matters worse, I have super super dry skin which led to a mild eczema when I am under stress. It is pretty bad as Singapore weather can reach the highest humidity level of 96%, which means my skin is extremely dry. My dermatologist wasn’t giving me high hopes on complete recovery due to relapses but I am determined to improve my skin, without developing reliance on ointment and medication, as well as burning a big hole in my wallet. Compared with my former flawless and fair skin, and relatively good health, I am really in a dark dark place right now. I have to do something before it is too late!

So what I am going to do, and hopefully will show good result, are these:

Good sleeping schedule (730am wake, 1130pm sleep) +

honey water fast (every 3 months) +

daily glass of honey lemon water or honey with apple cider vinegar water +

Non-meat, more alkaline diet plan +

exercise (daily 30 mins) +

no alcohol except wines = good skin and healthier body!

Prior Experience

I did a juice fast before for 5 days and ended up with jelly legs and numb sensation in my finger tips, especially after I exert myself physically or emotionally. Didn’t feel too well in the circulation department and it seemed that my body can’t generate or move enough blood in my body. It feels like the body’s network is ‘blocked’ by something. Other than that things were good. I was proud of myself for surviving it without feeling too sorry about the process. One interesting thing I have learnt is that being healthy is much more expensive than being unhealthy. The means are also not  readily available too. So it was easier and natural to be unhealthy in today’s society.

The Week-Long Honey Water Fast Requirement

Start the day by drinking a cup of water mixed with 1-2 tbsp of pure honey and drink 2 to 3 cups throughout the day, making sure the total quantity of honey don’t exceed 150cc. Fill the in-betweens times with cups of water. Before bedtime, top up with just a cup of water, no honey.

For better result, add in 2 tbsp of lemon juice for additional purifying and detoxification effects. Lemon is good for the liver and skin.

Do this routine for 3 days, then ease into eating food again by drinking fresh juice for 2 days. Last 2 days start introducing soft and simple food like digestive biscuits and cereals, fruits and vegetable.

Lastly, continue to drink honey water every day right after waking up to kick-start the digestive system.

The Process

Day 1

I didn’t feel too hungry. Energy level was significantly lower. Body movements lethargic. Tried out a 30 minutes aerobic exercise and decided to stop half way as I felt mild dizziness. Didn’t poop and peed little as compared to the amount of fluids I drank.

Day 2

Which is right now, outdoor. I can feel that my body is entering starvation mode. It’s crying out with hanger pangs but can be suppressed with downing more water. So far I pooped in the morning, which developed into a bit of diarrhoea towards the end. Survived a lunch meeting at a jap restaurant serving delicious food… However, interestingly, my energy level felt okay and even gained better clarity! Not sure if it’s the water fast that contributed to this. Most importantly, the biggest difference I am feeling is I don’t feel so ‘heaty’ and inflamed internally at the moment. So far when I smell food I don’t gravitate strongly towards them. I guess it’s the mind over body thing, as I have prepped myself and set my mind to it. This is important as you need to get yourself into the right state of mind and understand why you are doing this to begin with.

It is only mid afternoon and I am battling the stronger hanger pangs. Soon it will be dinner and I need to get the last shot of honey water for the day.

Shall update again,



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