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Vegan diet: Day 8

Water fast: Day 5

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Day 5

I’ve came to understand the importance of blocking out time for ‘abnormal’ activities such as a fast, because you stand out like a sore thumb, especially during mealtimes. Eating big meals and drinking a beer or two seems like the social standards expected out of a gathering (I loved that lifestyle). Okay, maybe beers are not really necessary.

The surprise I get from people when I tell them ‘I am not eating because I am on a fast’ could be due to that the idea of fasting on a regular basis for non-religious or weight loss reasons is not that popular in Singapore. So my advice is: during the process of fasting try your best to stay out of meetings/ gatherings so you can focus on what’s most important at hand, without having to put yourself through difficult situations to prove or justify yourself. Sometime all it matters is the result, which would eventually influence and change the mindset of others around you. It’s all about standing your ground, and being consistent. One must lead by example. 

Back to my progress, I have been adapting well to the hunger pangs and yet I know my body is ready to take in more solid food.  So towards the end of the day, I added some biscuit to my honey water and tonic soup routine. The biscuits were from Ikea and were a tad too sweet and creamy for my liking. The taste of fat and sugar puts me off quite a bit. I guess my taste buds probably needs more time to adjust.

Hence, my second piece of advice is: ONLY eat digestive biscuits as the transitional solid food if you prefer biscuits, of course you can eat other things such as fruits and vegetables, as long as they are not too hard or difficult to digest.

Day 6

I must confess, I broke my vegan diet today (day 9) in total oblivion. I have forgotten completely about my concurrently running fasting  and vegan diet. I was too caught up with the sense of achievement from completing the first part of the fast that I got carried away. However I must say I didn’t break it because I gave in to temptations, and I ate only a few pieces of chicken to ease into a more varied diet ( or at least that’s what I thought I was doing).

Lastly, I decided that day 6 shall be the official ending of this honey water fast, just one day ahead of time. I felt much better and didn’t notice a major dip in energy level. I shall post another overview later on in my blog to conclude this exercise and maybe compare it with my previous detox experience called Dr. Oz’s 36 hours detox programme.

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