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The sun is rising and the wind is chilling.

We rested and caught our breath. Then I pointed away into the distance and exclaimed:
‘It’s a mountain, in the clouds!’

Tucked away in the woods and mountains of ridges, capped in glaciers and showered with early morning sun, it glistened in the distance in faint orange, and in testament of its eternity.

Then you replied:
‘It’s a golden mountain.’

I only saw it once. And maybe just this once.

Every night I ask myself,
What am I really seeking?
Something that I could not find.

I lost my direction
I lost my wings
I lost my harbour
I lost my purpose

Every night when the birds are asleep,
It’s the time that I think of you.
Time passing, people leaving
The world is not what I imagined it to be,
and you are no longer here with me.

I do not want to grow up
I do not want to change
I do not want to listen
I do not want to wait anymore

Every night I hope for it to rain,
As the coldness engulfs me,
Down goes into the darkest pit.
Spiraling, swirling,
The empty void awaits.

Once you said to me,
‘I wanna grow old with you.’.
Now I could only smile,
as words of coldness eats me up,
Let’s just be friends.

How long does it take for a change?
A year? A day? A minute?
I’ve known better
You can call it same but different

We can call it predictable
If it’s something irresistible
Just follow through where ur heart dictates
and maybe it’s just worth it

You don’t have to let go
You don’t have to have
You don’t have to change
You don’t have to move on

Look where I have been?
Here, by myself
Getting acquainted with a different you


In the shadow of memories..

bears my only hope,

that all is bliss but
not of stubborn intentions
Sweet memories,
far and away
Like wind that carried far
yet dies in silent submission
A story of waiting and dreaming
blinded by that summer’s greens
wish I could see,
What I do not see..

What if everythin’ is just a dream when we wake up?
The game we play is just a childish one that things go in round and round

It was a perfect dream..
One which others would laugh at..
We can’t put our fingers to it
So it was left behind
Swept out with the tides
Under our longing gaze

It was a perfect crime..
One which we can never be convicted
When the world closes in
It is to tell us that there is no more fun
Let’s go with the flow, movin’ through
Like nothing matters

It was a childish game we play
Like a swing in the playground
That doesn’t fit anymore

Who do you want to be when you wake up?

Someone only you and I know..


We are all wannabes, but in a good way.

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