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I don’t play with dolls.

16-17 hrs had passed…….

Unglam but who cares, it’s freaking over!

No Good

Posted on: March 24, 2010

It’s confirmed. I am marching myself onto the road of epic fails. It’s just my luck? Everything is not going smoothly..Except for successfully setting up the circuits tonight. That’s worth a grand celebration I guess.

I am really worried now…if things are going to stay in that trend. So I have a plea here. I don’t mind, letting things epic fail everywhere, but PLEASE don’t touch my FYP! …then again, I think that hanging feeling is mostly due to the fact that I still haven’t head down to the factory. Therefore, situation critical.

One more thing, I am developing a strong urge…to lock myself up in a room, with colors, paper, food and water, and just draw and paint. I miss those times when I am actually feeling talented and loved to draw. I can’t let that slip away, really need to practise now.

Right now I am in the middle of the FYP final presentation for this semester, and unfortunately I am the last one to present. But there’re always something to look forward to. For example, I’m going to swim later no matter what, even though I only slept for 2 hours last night, or more precisely today morning. And there is the ADM End of Semester party with free-flow of Ben n Jerry icecreams and hotdogs! What’s the relation between these two I don’t know but as long as it’s free why not?! I am also going to meet up XZ to have some time out on the beach, with the promise of tasting the fried-rice cooked by her. There are also events that I am going to organise with my darlings and the to be planned field trips to Malaysia!

Today, is the LAST day of school, at least for now!!

After today, it is detox, regular eat, sleep & exercise time!

And now, something to make myself happy…TEH QTE!


For the Weekend

Oh no! FYP final presentation 30%!!!!!!!!!

Get the engine started ASAP!!


Should I tell my prof that I should give up on the idea of seeing him during this week?
25-27 is hell. I wonder if I have made the right choice.

genes (50 MCQs in 2 hours)
new media (200 MCQs in 2 hours, who says ADM-ers have their way easy, I fell asleep for both omg..)
3 photo prints (gotta track down my photopaper provider wy. )
P2P open source (2 nice dudes taught us. One looks like Philippe Stark and talks like him. I love how he said “In the begin-ing..” So remind me of Design for Life! And amazingly he doesn’t smoke! Reason being he is automatically associated with the italian mafia who constantly has to take 5 min smoke breaks. The other looks like a typical computer geek with wild hair who is the friendly guy from next door! Interesting duo. )

Fact: We spent 6 minutes of every hour in darkness because we blink.

It’s amazing if we use statistic this way.

I guess it’s crazy to still update my blog even though I am in the midst of the exam. MM..I guess I am crazy. I have to tell myself this:


You know, how sometimes you get trapped in that vicious cycle of “yeah, just a little bit more will do.” As it happens, it gets more and more from the little “little-bits” and it almost drove me nuts!

So. This is a final word. But shit. I am definitely gonna start tweaking it as soon as I finish the exams. This is exactly what happened for my photography class too. SIGH..If only I can pay myself for this.

OK. ON TO THE GENES! and enough of caps.
Btw, the kinesin on microtubule is really cute.

FYP meeting (All the more hard work needed for the next week)
kenya hara I auto gave up this one in exchange for more time for work. Lost 30 bucks…..
website Some minor adjustments required.
photog (sharpen up!)
hard disk

I forgot sleep.
I did a good week though. I shall forgive myself for this week and this week only for not sleeping and waking up on time.

Update (Keywords for weekend):
picnic Happy day! Gonna blog it when I am more free. After exams I suppose?
reshoot+new shoot
ruby Planning fail for this
One DVD (Thursday)
Design principles (Friday)
3 more prints when everything is in working condition instead of fighting for the rights to print with a line of ppl who are equally as desperate and fed up as you.
Start mugging:
new media

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