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to be a really sad day today.

The last picture of Yammer.

I am sorry that I am not there for you more. If I haven’t decide to come home I wouldn’t know till many days later. I am really sorry..

Rest in peace, darling Yam. I miss you..


Sometimes the best things are found in the least likely places. You just have to know where to look. I got reminded by the last rays of the afternoon to take these pics. I really enjoy the golden hours when everything appears orange and warm.


Found these..


Lastly, Yam loves his corn..or my leftover corn actually.


I manage to capture his full sleep demonstration of the ‘chopping board’. This fellow is really a pig. He sleeps like a human being (lying on his back) and twitches non-stop in his sleep.


Ok..I need to clean his cage.


I am proud of my ingenuity. Why? I used a butter tray as a “cooling” station for Yam. I saw the pet shop selling these little metal panels and tiles as cooling platform for hamsters. The packaging has pictures of hams lying on it which looks like they are lying on a metallic piece of chopping board. I guess this make-shift tray is much nicer looking than those chopping boards out there.

Caught him demonstrating the use of it half-heartedly..

From what I’ve observed so far, he’s really good at sleeping..really good. I can’t wake him easily and once he’s roused he fell back to sleep real quickly. And I always find his butt and top of the back wet, which makes him smell real bad. I guess like any youngsters, he just pees in his sleep coz he’s a real deep sleeper or he’s simply too lazy to move out of his bed to the toilet.

Three things good about him are:

1. He don’t make a mess in the tunnel which was a pain to clean.
2. He gorges on the food like there’s no tomorrow. I always find his bowl empty by 8pm, which is the time to feed him. -.-
3. He pees religiously in his toilet bowl except when he’s sleeping, then of course everything else doesn’t matter.

Currently, in order to let him get used to me and handling, I need to ‘torture’ him for long periods of time. Poor Yammer..


This is the updates you me have been waiting for! Finally I have a bit of time to sit down and gather things together. Tomorrow’s gonna be a busy day so I better finish it now.

After Jammer’s passing I have given a thought about whether to keep a second ham coz the joy and company he had given me was so important. He was part of my life for 2 years and now that he’s gone I can’t bear to see the empty cage every time I walk past it. Sometimes I forgot that he’s no longer there and still walked up to greet an empty cage.

I think I have to do something about it. I really want a second ham. So on 6 October, at around 7pm, here he is….

Let’s put our hands together and welcome…..

Yammer! aka 芋头

Yam's first pic

Jammer was adopted from a friend of mine. But I got Yam from the pet shop which to me is the best option. He was sitting right at a corner innocently brushing his fur while looking half awake (by the time I was there every ham should be awake). He was also unperturbed when other hams unknowingly step on him. The other girls (almost the whole exhibit consists of girls) were displaying fierceness at any approaching hand by hissing and showing their teeth or at their own kind when paths were crossed. So this fellow appeared to be a world’s apart from the rest, happily..innocently brushing his fur. Most importantly, he’s a BOY when I asked the assistant to sex him. So I chose you! HAHA. sorry I am a little sexist when it comes to this. I have bad experience with females (animals) in general.

The shop assistant put him in a box with some bedding. And I tried my best to make sure he has a comfortable and less swingy ride home. I was with Jighao who came along for the IMPORTANT event and I dropped by his place to see the rabbit, which I will update later.

So, let’s continue..

Yam in box

From his brightly-lit exhibit to a dark swingy box then to a huge barred mansion should be a pretty traumatizing overwhelming experience for a tiny ham like yam.  However, the first thing he did, is to tuck right into his food bowl like a hungry ghost. I was trying to bribe him with sunflower seeds (that’s how u buy your new ham over, with food) but he sat there for a whole 10 minutes to crack, chew and nom his food, leaving my hand painfully hanging in the air waiting in vain.

Later I was amazed to find out how big his appetite is and how picky Jammer was about his food. I can’t help but compare the two of them.

As you can see, Yam is really good at eating, sleeping and more eating. I’ve never seen the second floor littered with so much food before (it is just the 4th day). Love that concussion pose! So unglam, HA HA HA! He never even wake at the shutter’s loud noise. So I took more..

til Yam finally woke up. That’s a big yawn!
Yammer cleaning
Yammer nomming

As I compared, at first I thought he’s dumber than Jammer but I was proven wrong. He know where the bathroom is immediately and he even gnawed  his chew treat into a tiny ball (which was found near the original place, I don’t remb finding Jammer’s back..). He even know how to paw at my fingers from inside the cage when I place it near his mouth. Jammer NEVER did that. haha. I guess I need to spend a huge effort to bond with him. Now he’s not too sweet with me coz he bites softly. Jammer never bit me!

Ok very soon he shall love me to bits. haha! I am positive about it.

Btw to see some really geeky hamster actions, please check out here. It is an entire blog/ system/ server dedicated to Lucys that he has owned. I always wanted to catch a glimpse of her on the webcams but I only saw her once. Unfortunately she was sleeping in her nest and the images never changed at all. Maybe you’ll have better luck.


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