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These are long over due photos from our little birthday-celebration-combined-with-random-picnic outing. It is almost perfect, except we didn’t prepare champagne, awww…

However, we get to be good housewives for a day! At least, the two of them had a chance to showcase their ‘talent’ here. I am glad no blood was spilled while cutting the veges. LOL!

This stuff was really delicious. Buttered CORN!

See, good housewife at work here.

Of all the most likely places, we chose….Vivocity rooftop, for our picnic spot! We were too lazy to cross the waters to Sentosa. And in the end of the day, we managed to set a new trend of picnicing, WITH STRAW MATS, at Vivo, romantically looking out to the sea. This was confirmed by the many smiles and glances we managed to attract while chit chatting on our mats, combined with overhearing occasional whispers and remarks from passer-bys that go somewhere along the line of ‘We should come here and picnic too!’

And for us? We loved it! Since we are really the attention-seeking kind. Coughs…..

LOOK! They are so happy!

These dishes are simple to prepare and taste great!

Now, the cake..


Let’s turn back the clock and be kids again!

It was a fine day. And we really loved it! Every single minute of it! 🙂

Thanks for all the love, my girls.

I asked for water ballet..if it is what it should be called.

How do you go somewhere when you keep on scratching over what you’ve just done?

Scratch that.

How do you feel when you sit in front of your computer working hard for hours and end up getting nothing? I feel this way with my photography, website and almost everything right now (my FYP has rather savaged the situation by a bit just for today). Nothing seems right after looking at it the second time. I am really discouraged and uncomfortable with the situation as none of these will be reflected in the eventual body of work. Yes. All efforts are going down the drain I suppose. I am really not happy with myself.

This is something which I wanted to post some time ago. After looking at almost all the pics, this is the only one that I feel is good enough to use. Maybe I should give myself a more casual approach to things, get that sense of playfullness in things.

Picture 9

We are busy, but here’s something to do to go with the flow.


Are you scared?

On leaving school..a typical day for us stoners. 

on bus01
Nanyang mart03
xz mrt01

We stone only because we can’t stop drifting into our thoughts.

As a further exploration of ideas and a good excuse to go out for a walk, Shicong ( who is nice enough to spare some sleep) and I explored a few places in Singapore that sells ancient, second-hand stuff. I really like these shops, stuffed to the brim with all sorts of weird and wonderful treasures, waiting to be discovered. And very soon, I found this shop without hassle! The owner is very nice and totally apologetic about the ‘messy’ state of his shop. However I don’t mind it at all, the messier the better! But the only disadvantage is that lots of things were stashed away so you can’t really see all of them.

old shop01small
old shop02small
old shop03small

And maybe it’s a twist of fate coz I decided not to bring my trusty tote bag out coz I wanna keep my hands free and totally expect nothing and be open to everything. Therefore I saw this baby and bought it. Actually I didn’t expect to buy anything as I only wanted to go out and find some inspiration for further develope my project. But here, this aged and tattered bag were hanging amongst the rest in a haphazard fashion and attracted my attention. It’s a good buy definitely coz it’s not as ex as I thought it would be and happened to be genuine leather from UK. aww…

old shop04small

Then it became an urgent mission to restore this bag to the best possible. According to Shicong’s rich (uh hem) expertise in leather, we went to timberland and bought the conditioner. Below is after the conditioning, any visible difference? It feels smoother and not as dry as before.

old shop05small

Then we went to Red Dot Museum on the route to China Square and Ann Siang Hill and went in to see the exhibits. It’s really nice as it provide a wide range of products, maybe only short of a wide variety of new technologies. I should have put it in the feedback form, but I only remember it now as I am writing this…Oh well..
Red dot06small
Red dot01small

I forgot to take any pics while in China Squre for some reason. There was a pretty amazing shop called “想当年” ( meaning thinking about the old times) that sells high quality old goods but at high price too. Anyway I totally enjoyed staring at everything, up, down, top to bottom. It’s just too overwhelming for the eyes, but in a most interesting way!

Before heading home, I visited the river side again which is one of my favourite hangout places. This is the first time that I actually had a dslr with me to take such nice photos. haha



Just a note. Do not attempt to go to Haji Lane, Ann Siang Hill or Club street on a Sunday if you want to shop or window-shop. They are not open! I always forget this and waste my time there.


My friend. This is some long over due work.


I am going to rework this.

We are all wannabes, but in a good way.

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