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Finally…a three quarter reunion for the least, after like.. 7 years? I lost count. We grew up together. And none of us, at such a tender age back then, would have guessed our different circumstances 7 (?) years later.

I wonder, what will it be like when we meet again? All grown up or matured? Married? Single? With kids and families of our own? It’s an interesting subject matter to ponder. I am sure in the near future we will all find out. Lets hope it’s a smooth sailing journey, from here to there.

Not in particular order, not in particular theme. I found these images from my cousin’s blog. Familiar yet alien. I am not sure where exactly all the places are. The first one is somewhere near my cousin’s home but it doesn’t look like this from what I normally know? The second one is from a park near my grandma’s home? or is it another park? The last one is in the country where my cousins’ grandma lives but it feels like I have been there myself. These pictures make me miss my childhood even more. The twice a year family visits, grandma, all the kids together, cold winter snow….

And it made me realise even more how my childhood was cut short abruptly, severing all ties with the familiar. But I guess it is good since I would appreciate everything even more, even though I am trapped in some kind of time capsule containing memories of the past, and the past only.

I think my cousin’s place is in the taller building in the background, and these bare-brick buildings are the students’ dorms. My Aunt was a teacher in the nursing school then, now she’s promoted to a professor. And now these run down buildings no longer exist if I am not wrong. I remember I always feel sorry for these students while walking pass their dorm.


My twin cousins

Rural countryside

Today morning I woke up to find this…


I slept through the noise except for a few times I woke up slightly. HAHA! The master bedroom is completely in ruins and everything was moved out the previous night. Apparently the cement underneath cracked and caused the tiles to bulge up, which looked pretty scary. It happened to my room some years back and I woke up in the middle of the night thinking my floor is going to sink or drop. It was even worst coz the tiles just cracked and ‘exploded’, producing a really loud noise. The first thing that run through my mind is to run for my life, while screaming at the top of my lungs in the middle of the night. It took me some time to realise what was happening and to convince myself the floor is not going to fall. I was thinking it was earthquake at first. -.-

Hope the new floor is nicer and safer….

Birthday cake



He seems happy. Our family don’t really care much about birthday celebrations or presents unfortunately. The most we do is to buy a cake. I still remember I have to buy my own 21st birthday cake and wait for my mother to come home at around 12. And sure enough, my father forgot about it. To be honest, I totally forgot about this event while busying with work. 

I don’t see my father often so I don’t really bond with him much. I used to play with him so much when I was a child but now I am not used to his presence after so many years of absence. I feel sorry for my mother sometimes, as my father is hardly by her side. But with a childish heart, he proved to be quite sweet and nice to her despite the distance. It is irritating to hear them shouting to each other during msn conference coz there’s always something wrong with the sound. Technology can be both a blessing and a nuisance. Or maybe I am just jealous. 

50, quite a big number. It’s like suddenly they are growing old and there’s a growing urgency to find some of that lost time back. I like how this guy did find something back.

What will I be like when I am 50? Where will I be? When will I have the time?


I am puzzled..and even some of my interpersonal interations with some people around me.

Is it me? Did I do something wrong? If I’ve said something wrong I apologise. But why the sudden change of attitude?
I am really not good at this.
Here I am,
A confused Kat..


Posted on: August 23, 2009

I guess I will just have to live with certain things and learn to breathe.

Nothing more should be said and I should just treasure whatever is given.

We are all wannabes, but in a good way.

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