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I do not want to stop walking…

I want to see more..experience more..know more.

I admire people who devote their entire life’s worth on things that other people deem impractical or not considered mainstream. I’ve met someone who was travelling great distances on an impossible budget, eating only rice with chili sauce or occasionally food offered by others who took pity on him, and sleeping at places unimaginable and fighting cold with only a bottle of vodka, which also was used to disinfect his system according to him. There was so much purpose and thought into something that seemed almost suicidal and totally uncalled for. It’s like those Pacific salmons going up the current against all odds to spawn but eventually die afterwards. But they do it anyway. Okay maybe this is not an appropriate analogy.

I’ve also met somebody who took work and travel to a whole new level. It’s like moving houses constantly, but across continents. How cool is that? And eventually you will find that little place where it feels like home and settle down there for good, of course accompanied by your desired prince or princess.

But no matter what, we are people living a day to day life. There’re still reality to face. Til then…

look like this




or this




Then I will have no immunity against you.

This is a gem. And further affirms my desire in getting a Canon EOS 5D markII.

Sometimes the best things are found in the least likely places. You just have to know where to look. I got reminded by the last rays of the afternoon to take these pics. I really enjoy the golden hours when everything appears orange and warm.


Found these..


Lastly, Yam loves his corn..or my leftover corn actually.



Posted on: April 18, 2009

If only I could have..

a lil’ fellow like



I came across this baby..

which comes with this baby too,

plus many more from Nixon! Their branding pleases and works for me. Cool, sleek, colourful, desirable..and most important of all, well-designed!

Ok… that’s not all…

1. First thing first, I NEED a GOOD camera!
This is sth which I really really really would love to get…the Canon 5D Mark II. However…considering the price….

maybe I will have to be content with this one? Ok…my mistake..Nikon D90 is very good already!

2. I NEED a Wacom tablet…seriously…it is so hard and inefficient without one..
Here is one LCD tablet which u can paint off it directly!

This is, of course, the dream tablet which I would love to get, but again, let’s be realistic..
If I can have this I will be a happy girl…

3. I need to sketch well on the next thing I need is of course…


mmm…ok, too ambitious…maybe just


4. Last but not least…I really should be getting a new mp3 player….miss my old one..

the new ipod shuffle!

Ok..gotta work hard now…


I think there’re more things but somehow couldn’t recall..
maybe it’s better I don’t remember.


Exclusively Singapore…

This is the kind of place which I am really happy to have found today afternoon. I miss the sea so much that this trip got me really excited!!

The beauty of nature derives the simplest pleasure of all…Loved it!!

Unfortunately I do not have a camera with me (lost it during CNY), but hey…this is not bad and much better than no camera at all. The res of my phone cam ain’t that bad huh..haha

There there, the Rainbow! Injustice done by my phone cam though.

Yes…Now I miss wakeboarding and diving even more……..

Caught in da vicious cycle

Needs or wants..
Bread or….Xiao Long Baos?


We are all wannabes, but in a good way.

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