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The Summer of Love of 1967

Posted on: June 11, 2009

Stolen from a 64 year old boy..

“It is forty years since the Summer of Love. And there are ‘re-enactments’ up all over the country. I am trying to imagine what this group (many if not most in their sixties) looks like now. I remember the hit item at the time was LSD (and I do not mean the Mormons). This year I bet it is the guy with the Viagra stand that does well. So much for free love. When you hit sixty it could cost you a few dollars (even if it is only co payments). I remember this Summer of Love. I was still living in San Francisco although by then I had spent time in Asia and Europe. I was 22 years old. I had given up on the hippy life style although I still had a beard and long hair and working at the Langley Porter Institute which was actually on a hill that sort of looked down on the Haight Ashbury which was ground zero for the 100k people that came to SF to wear flowers in their hair. I had been a sort of founding member of the ‘hippy movement” although I never liked that term. But I did not make the whose whos of hippydom.

In 1963, I discovered a place on Fulton Street called the Blue Unicorn. It was owned by Bob Stubbs. It was a kind of coffee house but it was mostly about people like me who would go there for some coffee or food and sit around and read (we did not have notebooks, blackberries, cell phones, or any other form of electronic communications). They had a piano there that I sometimes played. And a back room where I once saw Bob Dylan. Alan Ginsberg would come in and I sat and talked with him on a number of occasions and even went to a party at his apartment. I became friends with Norm Stubbs, Bob’s younger brother. After a year or so, some similar places began to open up on Haight Street and slowly the action moved there. Bob actually opened a store right on the corner of Masonic and Haight Street. It was all kind of strange to me. I had spent many years as a child on that block between Masonic and Ashbery. My mother and step father had a donut store right in the middle of that block. And both my mom’s and dad’s families had lived in that area in the 20s and 30s. We all smoked pot and even took LSD (I had my first experience after visiting a dance performance at the Magic Theater on Divisidero street). And at that time the Rock movement was getting started. I got to know some of the members of the Jefferson Airplane and went to parties at the home of Jerry Garcia. But I did not care for this kind of music. Having studied classical music, I was falling in love with Jazz. Also I wanted to be a serious musician (composer not piano player that came later) and the musicians I knew were more in love with drugs than music. I used to joke that I wanted to practices and then get stoned and they wanted to get stoned and then practice. The exception to all this was Janet Joplin who I got to hear rehearsing. I was also busy with the anti war movement (Vietnam) and Civil Rights. Most importantly, I was in love. And then a few years later, my heart was broken. I went to live in Paris and later London before coming back in 1966. I was pretty surprised to see that a our little movement had grown and accomplished much but also disappointed that so many of the people that came to SF in 1967 where not really looking for love.”

“We are here to make a better world. No amount of rationalization or blaming can preempt the moment of choice each of us bring to our situation here on this planet. The lesson of the 60’s is that people who cared enough to do right could change history. We didn’t end racism but we ended legal segregation. We ended the idea that you could send half-a-million soldiers around the world to fight a war that people do not support. We ended the idea that women are second-class citizens. We made the environment an issue that couldn’t be avoided. The big battles that we won cannot be reversed. We were young, self-righteous, reckless, hypocritical, brave, silly, headstrong and scared half to death. And we were right.” -Abbie Hoffman

Not everything said are entirely true. Meaningless war appears to be a recurring theme. As for love, it is never free. So to hell with freedom of love and stay away from psychedelic freaks. However, if, for example, it takes to go to hell to be like that of Bonnie and Clyde who are unfortunately not from the 60s, I wouldn’t mind at all. So what remains is the music and fashion. We should all go in circles and start digging in our parents’ closets.

AND yes, SAVE the earth! It’s always better to separate ur papers from the plastics.

This summer is freaking HWAT! and it’s getting hotter..

With Luv,


4 Responses to "The Summer of Love of 1967"

Hello there,

I was just wondering where you sourced these images from? They are amazing.

Kind regards,

These images are just sourced from the net. 🙂

Hi also go by Kat short for Kathy Aydelot te, that is my maiden I’m will be 63 in May & that top pic is me! Its A/P photo, I was a runaway in june of 1957 in Haight that was at Golden Gate Park, I hadn’t remember the pic being taken till shortly after I ran away some showed me just the face part.. my life when on many journeys.. anyway about 4 or 5 years ago I decided to try to goggle, I knew was in a magazine way back when but had no luck finding it. so I goggled hippies june 1967 golden gate park,, something that there among several page of hippies pics was photo,, some showed me out to find out where it had been used thats how I found it was A/P photo. they had photographer Robert Klein, had use a fake name Judy Smith, found it was used several places back then. I wasn’t so upset about the use of my photo as him not using my real name, maybe because I was only 16, I don’t remember it was a while back. I did call Seattle Times where they used it said I would have contact the Photographer, I found he had a studio in Boston Mass. but that is as far as I got, my granddaughter who was 3 had huge old school tv fall on her head, its a MIRACLE they she should have died.. so of course, my heart & my activities all were directed her. I also did get a site on her I forget the name to put my pic with my real name, & that I was a runaway.. but that was it.. I have a lot health issues but I I still would like to contact Robert Klein I think he is still living.. Anyway so there u a very small part of where the pic on top came from. Make it a great day… I have health issues or I would pursue this this more.. Kat Kathy Aydelotte maiden name been married 6 times.. sticking wth this husband Im on face book under Kathy Castro thats my legal name got tired of changing my name.. my husbands name is last name is Beatty if you look on fb under Kathy Castro youll find me theres a pic of my husband & me I have brind magenta hair.. Kat

Hi, I just hopped over to your web site using StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would generally browse, but I enjoyed your thoughts none the less. Thank you for making something worthy of reading.

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